Students' Welfare and Utility Services :


1. Scholarship Facility :
Applications for scholarship from students belonging to special categories will be forwarded to the State Govt. or other agencies for consideration.
2. Students' Aid Fund :
The college provides for a 'Students' Aid Fund' out of which considerable financial assistance is extended to the poor students.
3. Travelling Concession Facility :
The students can avail themselves of the facility of the travelling concession in connection with educational excursion etc. by contracting the college office.
4. Games and Sports Facility :
All kinds of encouragement and opportunities are provided by the Institution to students to develop their proficiency in sports. The college has a playground on its campus and offers the requisite amenities for various indoor and outdoor Games and sports such as - Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess etc.
5. Computer Facility :
The college has a Central Computer Room which offers different short-term Certificate Courses in Computer training besides the basic uses of the computer.
6. National Service Scheme (NSS) :
The National Service Scheme is an organisation which provides opportunity to students to develop their personality and social outlook through community service. The NSS Unit of the college is actively engaged in various community services. Participation of students in NSS activities is compulsory.
7. Co-curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities :
The college gives importance to the development of character, personality and leadership qualities in all the students. The students are encouraged and motivated to organise and participate actively in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as games and sports, drama, fine arts, literary and cultural activities, debate, seminars, quiz etc. from time to time in addition to the prescribed courses of study. Seminars are organised by every Department of the college at regular intervals to promote the intellectual aptitude of the students through their active participation.
8. Grievance Redressal Cell :
There is a Grievance Redressal Cell to attend to the grievances of students.
9. Career Counseling Cell :
The career counseling cell of the college provides career guidance and counseling to students.
10. Value Education Forum :
The college is aware of the emerging need of value based education and in order to promote it among the students, a Value Education Forum has been set up under the auspices of a group of teachers. Personality Development Camps are organised at regular intervals in the college in collaboration with the Vivekananda Kendra in order to inculcate values in the students.
11. Anti-Ragging Cell :
Lumding College is an educational institute and is committed to maintaining a learning environment free from discrimination, exploitation and harassment. To achieve these objectives, an Anti-Ragging Cell has been constituted by the college authority.
12. Common Room for students :
There are separate Common Rooms for both boys and girls with adequate facilities for toilet and recreation.
13. Canteen :
The college has a canteen which provides wholesome food at a reasonable price.
14. Hostel Facility :
The college provides hostel facility to the female students.
15. Laboratories :
Science Departments have specious laboratories which are provided with modern instruments as prescribed by Gauhati University.
16. College Notice Board :
The students should, in their own interest, consult the Notice Board regularly to keep abreast of the information displayed thereon.
17. Departmental Common Rooms :
Each and every Department has a Common Room with a Departmental Library for the teachers. The students have easy access to the teachers in the Departmental Common Rooms for academic counseling. Mention may be made that the Department of Assamese is enriched with a mini Museum containing rich Assamese cultural heritage.



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