Knowledge is power and a library is a storehouse of knowledge. A good library is a prerequisite for quality education. The college, as such,  gives top priority to upgrading its Central Library,  which is at present  equipped with a collection of over 25000 books covering various  branches, 20 national and international journals and newspapers . To keep pace with the modern trend of Library Management, the library has been computerised under the 'Scientifically Arranged Cataloguing System'.  The library offers  a spacious reading hall  with a seat capacity for almost 100 readers. The introduction of internet facility along with a printer copier-cum-scanner in the library has given a historic boost to the process of upgradation of the same. It will revolutionize the dissemination of knowledge and information among the teachers and the students. The library has also a small digital section with CDs on different subjects.
         The college also provides every department with a departmental library for the benefit of the teachers and the taught.
         Moreover, a digital section is available in the college library where audio visual facility will be available for the readers. Audio and video cassettes, CDs and computer floppies offering information on various subjects will be preserved there for ready use and lending.
         The students can borrow books from the college library against their Library Cards issued by the college as per the rules of the library. They are also entitled to the internet facility in the library.
         The library shall remain open from 9AM to 5PM on all Teaching/Working days and students of any class shall have access to book lending facility from 11 AM to 3PM on all working days till Admit Cards for Final Examination are issued.
         For poor students, Book Bank facility is available with the provision of retaining books in the possession of the students for longer period.  Further, some Departments have scope for lending books to Advanced Learners.

The library rules are as follows :

1)      The library card is valid till the end of the session every year, subject to further renewal, if all the conditions are fairly fulfilled by the holder.
2)      A fine of Rs. 50/- will be levied if the card is lost.
3)      Books will be issued only for 7 (Seven) days after which fine will be charged at the rate of Rs. 2/- per day.
4)      This card entitles the holder to borrow two books in H.S. course and four books in TDC course.
5)     This card is not transferable

Librarian :- Sri Tushar Kanti Chakraborty
Asstt. Librarian :- Smt. Beauty Das

Literary Activities :

The college encourages literary activities. The college magazine 'Diganta' is published annually and is the medium for developing literary and other potentialities of the students. It publishes articles and creative writings contributed by the students and teachers.

The Women Cell, Lumding College celebrates its Foundation Day by publishing its journal 'Shristi' (ISSN No. 2277-6540) every year.

Besides, wall magazines by various Departments are displayed regularly. Here also the students get the scope to explore their literary aptitude.

Northeast Heritage Centre

A spectacular milestone in the history of the college is the opening of the Northeast Heritage Centre in the college premises under the Department of History. The main aim of this centre is to highlight and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the people of the North-east of India. The centre is vibrant with a rich diversified collection of artifacts, attires, photographs, books, journals, tourism related information etc. having bearing on the social and cultural heritage of the whole of the Northeast. A visit to this centre is expected to generate archaeological, anthropological and museological interest among the students about our national heritage and inspire them to shoulder social and cultural responsibilities.



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